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Furie- In that case, I'd do what inconspicuous suggested.

inconspicuous- Yep! I'm growing it out for Leia, although I'll probably still need an extension. Plus, I fall in love with Treasure Planet a little more every time I watch it, so it was probably only a matter of time. I've already thought about cosplaying Sarah, but nobody would recognize me.

Ali- You know, talking to Sokka cosplayers never occurred to, so thanks for bringing that up! I've asked around and it seems like several people have said to get a medium length wig, cut it short and use the cut parts to weft into the shorter layers. I try to balance where my hair goes under the wig cap, but it still has this bad habit of pooling in one spot(usually at the nape)

Sasha- If its the corset, definitely. If its the actual dress bodice, I wouldn't bother because the it would be held up and hidden by the corset and ruffles and the additional boning would be uncomfortable.


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