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Originally Posted by Stina006 View Post
You know what I always wondered? Why does she wear pink bows on her pink hair?
Yeah it's a different shade of pink but...It just seems really clashy to me.
If I remember correctly, her mom gives her one of the hair bows as a present at the start of the anime, so I think they have "sentimental value" or whatnot.
As for why the character designers made them that colour, I'm not so sure. They could have easily been yellow or something that contrasts it a bit more.

As for what's on my mind about cosplay, it's why is paper mache so time consuming? I spent six hours on these discs tonight, but most of that time was just waiting for one side to dry, so I could flip it over and add a layer to the other! Bah, I'll let it dry overnight and work on them some more in the morning.
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