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Ah, me and my friends were planning on doing a Final Fantasy group dancing to "Lucifer" by Shinee, but after reading this thread I'm afraid we'll either be thought of as boring/overdone based on the idea that it's just a group mindlessly dancing to a song, lipsyncing in all.

The video is here and this is the dance version we're using to learn it We are more than likely going to edit to make it both more simple and more in character for the cosplays.

And I agree with almost everything that's been said. Caramell dansen is fine when your in a corner of the con with your little boom box, having fun and keeping out of everyone's way, but don't make everyone wanting to see good skits have to suffer. Also, at my very first con, there was a group that did a skit that was actually called "The Random Skit" and it was... just... GAH! So many over used things and it was so senseless and pointless and nothing matched anything. I think it ended with Kagome telling Inuyasha to sit, and suddenly like, 10 fangirls jumped on stage, tackled him, then just as suddenly ran off stage. And it was horrible.
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