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Originally Posted by Anmanda View Post
Do you mean this one? Or the orange white one she wears in some the openings? :3 God personally I'd love to cosplay her too, especially her pink outfit from the Swan Lake performance, I doubt it'll ever happen tho >__<,; More people should cosplay Kaleido Star! And Ginban Kaleidoscope sob sob, no one ever cosplays from it
No, not that one....although I do want to make that one as well.
There's a blue outfit that she wears with Rosette (Rosette in pink) on the box for the DVDs.
YES. GINBAN KALEIDOSCOPE YES. I wanted to cosplay Tazusa, but since I don't skate anymore I don't really see too much of a point in it...D:
Originally Posted by ArmoredHeart View Post
Aw. D: Perhaps save it for later then?

Oh gosh, I really want to do a shoot, too! I've been trying to think of lots of poses and photo ideas, and even possible sweets I can make for everyone to incorporate into a shoot. xD We're planning on trying to make their forks/spoons/etc too, and I love love love posing with props so I'm excited for those too. And Chocolat will be my first tsundere so I can only imagine the silliness that will come of this. xD I'll have to practice doing more tsuntsun expressions, since I'm so used to smiling for photos.

I do wonder if it's possible to find a nice, large kitchen to shoot in, though. That would be perfect.
Ehh it's okay if I don't cosplay her. I have other plans...
Ahhh fun! I look forward to seeing all of your cosplays!

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