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Originally Posted by Anmanda View Post
Oooh, yeah I have a vague image in my head of how that outfit looks like, it was never on the show, was it? Only in the artwork? Or I'm completely retarded, that might be the case too.
OMG YAY someone else knows Ginban Kaleidoscope! Aaaw, I've considered cosplaying her too, but I've too much to do to have time for that, unfortunately :I I have a friend who is into figure skating.. maybe I'll force her to watch the series and make her cosplay Tazusa so I can have pretty pretty pictures >8D
I...don't THINK it was actually in the anime...I haven't seen the second half of it in a while so I wouldn't know. XD

Awww that would be so awesome!! Yeah. I remember I made my figure skating friend watch it, and it was really funny because when we did axels she would unconsciously have her arms in the way that Tazusa would hold her little waitress's tray. XD
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