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They're called "lekku." You might have better luck if you Google them by their proper names. Google is finicky like that.

The link Sammie posted is good, but they don't really come out looking super realistic. They move nicely, but since they're made of fabric, you're never going to get them to look like flesh.

If you really want to go all out, here's how one chick made hers. It's not really a tutorial... more of a "how I did this plus some pictures," but if you're crafty, you shouldn't have a problem with it.
If you're willing to pay for it, I think she'll make one for you. I couldn't find a link for it, but if you just send her an e-mail and ask... it's probably not cheap though, but everyone's idea of "cheap" is different so...

Anyway, good luck with the cosplay! I hope you can find a method that works for you!
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