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Has anyone ever bought and used any type of red lenses? For one of my costumes I need to have red eyes, and like to read honest reviews before purchasing something like contacts. Thanks! ^_^

Dragon*Con '12:
Donna Noble (Doctor Who- Run Away Bride)
Mamma Gkika (Girl Genius) -0%
Poison Ivy (Adam Hughes DC Girls) -98%
Elsa Bloodstone (Next wave) -5%
Granny Goodness (Teen Titans/JLA/etc.) -0%
Sungirl (JLA/Teen Titans) -0%
Bad Horse (Dr. Horrible) -0%

Arisa Uotani (Fruits Basket) -AWA '08
Rangiku Matsumoto (Bleach) - AWA '09
Raven (Teen Titans) - Dragon*Con '09
Raven v2.0 (Teen Titans)- Dragon*Con '10 & '11
Roxy Richter (Scott Pilgrim) - Dragon*Con '10
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