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trying to tone

Well id like to say that at one point i was near 250 lbs at least, as of now i am 170. I was not fat all my life it started around maybe the age of 14 or 15 when i had to take meds, which slowed my matabilism, at 18 i stopped taking them and i kinda hibernated for about 6 months where i didn't eat or move around much. im almost 23 now and i been going to the gym a lot now, the big issue is since i was fat and dropped a lot of weight so quick now I have excess skin, its not terrible as of now i can sort of see abs coming in and i feel muscle but yet my skin is still kinda rubbery and stretchy. kinda like Luffy from one piece. ive cut soda out of my diet and i try to eat as healthy as i can but i dont have many food choices in my area, i go to the gym about 3 times a week and do an hour of cardio then do about an hour of weights.

Does any one have any good workout or eating plans that could help me? also if there are any ways to make stretch marks less noticeable that would be awesome to. thanks all.

Pic of what I was and what i am now.

also the current me picture was back in November, i think ive toned up a tad bit more since then i just dont have any current pics.

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