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wanted to put my idea out hear. i just read all 36 pages and they have been very helpful but a little saddening. i have done and participated in some not so good skits and hope to improve.

my skit ideas are for kingdom hearts because thats my cosplay. i will do a naruto one after i think of a nice kyuubi one.

for my ideas for kingdom hearts is one is a dramatic skit with sora and riku. pretty much sora has second thoughts about this new quest to save the people that are hurting. like he feels he could fail and riku would reassure him. its great since its a transition into the new game that comes out in march and the skit will be in feb.

another idea is a dance central skit. its different then ddr and stuff because since dancing would make sense. a plot is this yet to be determined

what do you guys think?
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