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Originally Posted by PrincessBunBun View Post
Hello Everyone I am new! I was wondering if someone could help me tehe! I discovered Lolita while I was in Japan visiting my family and it inspired me to try the sweet lolita look. So I was hoping for some help !

I've bought this jacket - I'm not entirely sure if it's lolita or not but I LOVE it reminds me of my USA Chan

I also bought these shoes

My hubbzy wubbzy bought me this skirt how sweet is he!!

All i need to buy is a petticote, knee high socks and some sort of top

Now for the questions

If I don't want to add a blouse what kind of top could I add to the outfit?

I know I need a petticote but how many do i need?

How am I doing so far?

Thanks for reading
Those are all pretty cute! You could get a cutsew instead of a blouse, kind of like a t-shirt but cuter, like this: If it's a nice fluffy petticoat you'll only need one, but if it's a little bit flatter you might need more than one. Just depends on what you buy, I guess.

Originally Posted by -Still Alive- View Post
I recently got into Lolita fashion and bought this dress as my starter. But since I bought it so quickly, I'm beginning to wonder. Is it still a dress with that slit or do I need to get something to wear under it? What can I do with this dress? (I also can't sew!)
That's very cute, but it's a coat. You'll need other clothes to wear under it.
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