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Originally Posted by Cinnamon View Post
Still alive~! My Viktor cosplay got finished (although minus sword, cos the damn thing cracked as I was about to paint it D: ) but my photographer was so super ill that I didn't get a single proper photo! Le sad!

After a successful Viktor (if completely unrecognised!), I'm planning on Futch next! Probably Suikoden II version, because I don't think my prop skills are quite up to scratch for SuikoIII's MASSIVE SWORD yet XD Plus I managed to get hold of a VERY sturdy cardboard tube thing that'll make a perfect starting point for his polearm

I'm considering comissioning a Bright plushie for the thing, too. Because OMG HOW ADORABLE!!
Sounds awesome! Wish I could have seen it ^^

Edit: just checked your profile, 1) awesome cosplay!! 2) Yay another UK based Suikoden cosplayer!

A Bright plushie would be awesome

Am currently trying to make Yuber's Suikoden 3 coat. Thinking of cosplaying him at a con in April.
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