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Name of Commissioner: Kraz_ekid

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.): Terra shirt (Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep)originally and added Barnaby Brooks Jr. jacket (Tiger & Bunny)

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: (Right inside is the jacket), [s]I'll post pics of Terra's shirt once I actually get some.[/s] Terra progress pic until I can get one of me wearing it

Timeline (how long your order took to process): About two or three months

Describe your Experience:Alright, I've never had good luck with placing up ads here in the commissions wanted but I really needed the shirt done. So, I sucked it up and posted once more for Terra's shirt with a deadline before Yaoi Con (October 21 was the first day). A couple nibbles, but no one wanted to work with me with me already having the fabric. Until I received a messaged from Kraz_ekid on the 14th. She was super friendly, polite yet straight to the point and was stationed in Los Angeles (about half an hour drive from me, if even that). This helped me big time with this commission. She even agreed to make the jacket for my fiancee even though it wasn't part of the original ad. So, a tight-fitting shirt and a pleather motorcycle jacket for $140 plus fabric cost.

She gave me her cell number so I could get in contact whenever I wanted and after a bit of talking, I was able to meet her in person. This is a huge plus for me and we went to pick out the exact fabric and shade of color that we wanted for the jacket and she was able to take our measurements so there wouldn't be any mistakes.

She kept me periodically updated with both the shirt then the jacket. I think I still have the progress pictures. Another plus: she listened when I had concerns and if something didn't look right in the progress photos and would do her best to correct it. Kraz did get a bit flustered over the jacket but it still came out beautifully as did the shirt.

I did get a bit worried when it came to the last few weeks before the deadline, but when the package came in, my fiancee and I tore into it and tried the items on. Wonderful fit! If anything, I will say only two things bothered us but they are minimal. First, the shirt has a small seam in the middle of the collar in the front of the shirt and while not visible unless you're really close nor can I feel, it takes away just slightly from the overall look (though the fabric paint glitter made up for it!) Also, since she was a bit confused about what the jacket was, the collar is a bit wider than it should be (as seen in pictures). I think she said she would re-make the jacket as well, so everything came out great!

I think she moved or is about to move but I would very much recommend her to others!

Final Grade: A+. She did not do anything without asking me or my fiancee, even when she came into problems and took our opinions in mind while working. A total sweetheart and prompt. Near the end, she does taper off in keeping in touch until she's ready to ship, but she still will send final pictures before asking if she can.
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