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Originally Posted by Access View Post
They do every year, from page 7 of the booklet:
All of our posters come from you, the members! Get some good shots this year? Send your high resolution images over to, and see your photos up on the wall next year!
Hi, I tried sending the photos over to that email, but it didn't go through and says there was an error with the email provided by you. :[
Fanime 2016:
Toma from Amnesia (Butler ver.)
Hirasaka Douhan from K Project
Misaki Yata from K: Return of Kings
Katherine from Catherine

Anime Expo 2016:
Dravanian WHM from FF14
Fushimi Saruhiko from K Project
Toma from Amnesia Crowd
Douhan from K
Hana from Prison School?
Misaki Yata from K?

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