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Cosplay suggestions for duo, also, crossplayable?

Hello everyone! I have two questions for you!

The first one is, can I crossplay with this face? (FtM, if it wasn't obvious already) I've tried some contouring and highlighting (not in this pic, it's pretty much natural there), and still I think I can't even get close to a crossplay. I'm not aiming for a "manly" appearance, my goal is to cosplay Yue from Cardcaptor Sakura and I want to at least look less feminine. So yeah, possible without looking like a total dork? (Binding shouldn't be a problem, not much in my way there).

Second question, does anyone have nice suggestions for a duo? My little sister and I want to cosplay together, we're both about the same height, pale, blue-grayish eyes, blond hair. Crossplay ok for both! Wigs ok, contacts maybe (they're expensiive). (Please, NO hetalia or naruto suggestions!)

And how do you break it to your parents that you want to cosplay (crossplay no less? D8)
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