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Classic Vampire Steampunked?

Hello! I'm going to an event 'steampunked' out soon, as I term it, and I found myself facing a dilemna. I want to create a sort of persona for my look, and the thing I immediately wanted to do was a classic style vampire. dramatic and bold, creepy and severe. Something Dracula-chic. I'd prefer the look to be female, but I am open to crossdressing if the look would work better that way.

I was thinking originally that I'd use my real hair ( long to my lower back black, with a widow's peak fringe) and have a neck cuff..Not sure what they're called, but they're those high collar that fasten at the base of the neck, and don't connect to the rest of the garment..I've seen several Steampunk looks use them. It wouldn't be ridiculously tall, and I wanted a bustly and dramatic skirt, perhaps with a train coming off the back.

Would this be too costumey and Halloweeny? don't want to be overly dramatic in my execution.
Also..What might a character like this carry..? I really did want to have lots of accessories, maybe tools, but am having such a hard time thinking of any.

Thanks for the help : D
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