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Originally Posted by RingoDeathStarr View Post
Is expanding foam sturdy? That's always my main worry when making props because I bump into a lot of stuff. Dx But the bow looks great!

I wouldn't worry about the shapes not being perfect. They're kind of odd. Like the lower spiral on the actual bow looks more like a riddler question mark and the top spiral is more leaf shaped.

I wish I had Skyrim on PC so I could take some great screen shots for costumes.
It's sturdier than I thought it would be! However, the er...handle (I suck at terms, lol) is somewhat separating because I cut it too low, so that's my fault. I'm going to be sturdifying it with some masking tape so it should be fine. I have a thinner foam "outline" underneath it made from a foam posterboard-type material with some wooden dowels on it for extra stability, so I think it'll be ok.

Thanks! Yeah, I figured as long as they were basically the same it'd be okay. I found this mod which, I don't USE, but the colors they used really show the shapes well, so that's helped me. I completely forgot about the nightingale icons though, so I might just put those on afterwards. There will be lots of post carving tweaking.

Me too! Thankfully there are quite a few screenshots around, but having like a million different views of the bow and armor would be amazing.
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