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I'm not sure where it would be. Hm.

I found this site
which lists it as this:

0010D67C : Master Robes of Illusion (EnchClothesRobesMageIllusion05)

Also I found this if anyone has Garry's Mod.

It says "dangerous file" but it's not dangerous other than that it's a huge file.
Note: when I installed it I had to drag the "models" and "materials" folders out of the addons folder and put them in the main GMOD folder and I had to browse to find them in game.

I find Gmod is a great tool for cosplay research.

Speaking of: Mekarah, I took some Nightingale bow pics for you. I'd take a pic of the armor but the argonian bodies are hard to pose. - Back - Side - Front

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