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PAPER CRAFT MOLD FOR RESIN: By narutokunobsess

  • Paper that is stiff, but still easy to fold. Computer paper is a bad example.
  • 8 very thin layers of Liquid Soap. Glopping it on suddenly is not good as the paper will warp.
  • 8+ thin layers of mold builder. As much as you need to.
  • Soft brushes
  • Wax paper
  • Wellbond glue
  • Hair dryer (optional but if you want to speed up the process)
  • A big space, or well ventilated area.
1. Calculate your desired shape or find a shape.
2. Fold paper into desired shape.
3. Use wellbond and glue creases, but hiddenly. Wip with your finger excess glue before smudging into place.
4. Seal any creases with well bond. Make sure its applied very thinly or else it will look funky. Let that dry for an hour (because that how well bond dries).
5. Once dry, layer thinly the soap, and let each layer dry. If you want a faster dry, use a hairdryer. I say about 8 layers is good, and eventually probably around five, you can be a tiny bit more thicker.
6. Thinly apply mold builder and with the brush, smooth out the mold builder. 30mins intervals is good for each layer. For the first, check on it a bit early to see any bubbles, and make sure to pop those.
7. Keep applying mold builder, untill about 11+ (or probably more). Its going to take awhile, but if you want a speedier stiffness, add gauze as instructed on the package. I don't recommend this on the first few layers as it might ruin the mold surface. Youll get this ugly strips texture if you do it on your first layer. Wait till about 5-8 layers.
8. Once dry about 2-3 days later, peel carefully and your mold is finished. You can try folding an area but not to create a fold, but to peel a piece. Wash the inside with soap and water.

For me, around 7 and 8, I added around 11 layers with mold builder and it was not that stiff at all. So I waited for it to completely dry for that period and then I casted plaster strip mold on top of the mold builder, for extra support. Smoother Vaseline over the mold builder, then add your plaster gauze. The Vaseline is for taking the mold builder out so you can easily take out the diamond. Once its stiff enough (around 30mins-1 hour) take it off and let both dry. There will be ugly white spots on the mold, but they will disappear and no worries, it only effects the outside of your mold. Wash the Vaseline off with soap and water and wipe carefully with a towel. Then leave both to dry, and once the white spots disappear on your mold, move on to step 8 or peel it.

TIP: Be patient.

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