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Male or female?
Whoops! Sorry. Female please Thanks again!

Also guys? Guys. I got my leather samples today! Eee so excited. I'm struggling between two of them. Unfortunately the website doesn't have direct links to them, but, if you go here, the two I'm looking at are the "Genuine American Bison Full Hides" (black) and "CARBON!!" (ha, there isn't a better name, sorry). Honestly I'm leaning more towards the bison because of the color and the carbon because of the leather itself. The carbon is a bit TOO grey for me I think though (it's dark, but still definitely grey), even though it's a bit stiffer and thinner which would work better for this (and for my sewing machine). The bison is super super soft, which is good, and a lovely lovely black, but since it's so soft it's flimsier. However, it is thicker.

I'm such a leather newb. However, having it in my hands makes it seem way less scary.

You, you know what you are? A SAINT These are brilliant, thank you so much.

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What would it fall under I haven't played skyrim that much
Curious - the robes aren't actually armor and that seems to be all armor. Are there other subfolders for clothing/robes/etc?

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