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Your welcome . And yea, I was surprised that alot of peps wanna cosplay as fi and yet I see none in the search results. And the reason for link is probably because you can easily find that on the main Legend of Zelda forum and search for it.

Well for my resin experience, ive only heard of the ones for casting jewelery (ice resin, easy cast and polyester casting resin). Frankly I did also heard about using resin for foam from him. Im still waiting my diamon but I should try pulling it out soon. . I probably have to paint the back since I feel I don't want to cast again. Luckly I have two class pushed off til march, and so I have more free time then I realized XD. They are late start classes.

Im trying to get my Zentai suit set out straight, since Im not good at explaining things through writing. So Im explaining with photomanipulation XD. Yea I basically colored a zentai, and commented one what I want on it.

This is the answer to the last forums about fi's cape:
Im looking at the shape of the cape and where the gathering starts is around where her hips end and I need to put my hands in there. Soo just cutting the cape up to there is really impossible lol. I might make this a bit longer.

And the top looks really really poofy which Im not sure why. Im probably going to only go for the pleating, and gathering effect and leaving the poofyness alone. Then again, maybe its because its just wrapping around her body.
I see the shield thing now and it seems to start right after the pleating. I'm guessing I should add some card board (or foam core) inside where the pleating starts and that's where also the hand insert or elastic should go.
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