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Wow. You're so much like me and my little sister.

We both want to coss/crossplay but dont know how to break it to our parents. x3 And if i did crossplay, i wouldn't have anything really in my way either. xP

{Are we all seperated at birth? Except for the fact we dont look the same xP}

So, I'll try to help you find some cosplay ideas. 8D Um, my little sister and I have thought of going as:

Two of the Five mizune sisters - Soul eater {We're uber excited for this one}
Katara & Toph - Avatar the last airbender {We're doing this for halloween}
Your description reminded me of Menna - Anohana {dont know why though}
Chii & Freya - Chobits {We think this one would be fun too}
Ooh! You could both try Liz & Patty from Soul eater :3

Just throwing some ideas out there. What animes or mangas have your read or seen?
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