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I've sadly been searching for Fi cosplay every other day to see if someone has come up with any more and only seen the two just Jenny's and the promotional. Ohayocon is this weekend though and there was a second Fi besides myself so her's may come up? It's a new frontier but I also imagine once a few come out and people see more of them it will get more 'popular'. Most just say or have it on the 'want' this. New frontier huh? Kind of exciting.

To make the cloak is easy (I mean people can get away with just throwing it over them) but to make it look good is a whole another story. I'm thinking of gathering the fabric, and then sew an oval shape cloth over it and one underneath that where I can slide in cardboard (and my hands) to have it poof out (did that make any sense?) The poof-ness of the shoulders should just come if you sew it together right. To make them real big wouldn't be really realist looking.

I still have the photo of what I gave to them if you want that. (I can change the colors since mine are based off the game more then the art and sprite. Like black or grey blue for the legs).
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