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Im trying to look for any other sites that can do it for cheaper. I was expecting $29, but $50? How did it triple? Oh well, at least I did tell my dad the budget was going to go to $200

I found a site where you can actually make your own. I however will not touch any more fabric, including spandex. But good luck if you really want to over achieve. Its pretty straight forward, but of course, you may have to find airbrushing for customability.

I just spammed alot of emails to websites so, I should see if there's a better and cheaper quote then zentai-zentai. If not, Ill just wait till they process the order (Feb 2).

Edit 2:
I decided to recast my diamond again, because I wait three days and some parts of it was really sticky still. I mean alot of the top was dry, but still some of it was stickyThe point on top was sticky too and there were tons of bubbles that bothered me. So recasting time. I added more dye and moved it into a smaller and warmer room, where no one uses. Its going to have a bit of a rough texture, since apparently it mimic the paper texture. Oh well, can't ask for too much since i used paper crafts XD. Maybe people will like the roughness.
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