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Undertaker--Memorial Pendants

You might have seen my post about details for Undertaker:

But I decided to post a special topic concerning Undertaker’s memorial pendants. “Crazy, what do you mean?” I mean this:

What is a memorial Pendant?
Time for a history lesson… Victorian Era (1837-1901). Victorians at the time accepted death and mortality. See Transcendentalism and Civil War. There was also a higher infant mortality rate. Anywho—for some reason or another, Hair jewelry became extremely popular.
Some other names for memorial pendants are Hair Jewelry, Hair art and Mourning Jewelry. However, sometimes hair jewelry were sometimes given as love tokens.
Hair art can be pendants, brooches, rings, and even necklaces. In this case, Undertaker is wearing pendants. Large ones at that.
A word of warning: Funeral lockets, cremation lockets and Urn necklaces are NOT what Undertaker is wearing (as far as we know, anyway). These are for ashes of the loved one, not the hair. Please—if you want to be as authentic as possible, stick with the Victorian Era, not modern day. Keep in mind that Kuroshitsuji does take place during the Victorian Era.
Here are some pictures of memorial pendants, brooches, and rings:
Why won't the pictures show????
I have yet to find any tutorials or websites to purchase memorial pendants… TT^TT
I’ve gone to Hobby Lobby and Joanns to look for any kind of pendants that are similar in some way. Hobby Lobby does have pendants, but they are about a third of the size that Undertaker wears. My local store is now selling flat square metal sheets. They are about 4x4. I haven’t bought any, and I’ve never worked with metal, but someone might look into it and let me know how it goes??? Also, the local hobby lobby is selling flat metal wire. Hmm….What could one do with those materials?
I’ve seen pendants made out of both cardboard and polymer clay. But in my opinion, if we could find a pendant base large enough, the rest would be a piece of cake. Here are reference pics of pendant bases:

It would be possible to use real hair. All that you’d have to do is take good ol’ modge podge and shape the hair into whatever you wish…and then pour resin over it. This is kinda what I’m talking about:
I promise you all: If I can find a pendant base, I’ll make one and put the tutorial here.
If anyone has any comments or questions, please do so!!! Also-- If any of you have any ideas on how to make the pendants, please let me know and I'll post it!
Thanks! Crazy~
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