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Some of the custom sites I visted and a few replied. One gave me a quote of $60??? Thats more then zentai-zentai. One said they were just plain confused about the picture and it seem complicated. Still waiting for other responses.

My diamond is curing nicely though. Its not as sticky. (though I wonder if I was just abusing the resin spray.)

Although Today I just am banging my head for not see this tutorial. Its awsome because you can use craft foam and I was assume you could not use craft foam (because of the heat in resin). She also shows that you can make the most unsual molds out of craft foam. So I could of saved soo much money and time by making craft foam instead of painting it with $15 mold builder. And probably I could have a better leveled resin object.

Apparently its the same lady who writes the cosplay books including the Armour tutorial.

The $60 is because they can do the legs. The website Im looking at is here:

Do you think $10 is a bit much for black tights or worth it?
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