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From a mental aspect .... yes. Actually doing physical movements, not so much.

I've found I can use a few different mental processes to get zoned in, focused, build up some adrenaline and really go all out on weights. If I am stressed, I focus in on the things that are getting to me; channel and use it. If I am upset/angry/frustrated about something same thing. It is fantastic stress relief and a very nice outlet.

Barring such things; you can definitely use a person or an act with a person to fuel a workout. While this is certainly not the place to get into details, lol, reminding yourself of various motivations during a workout can certainly get you to work a lot harder. Just don't get too distracted, lol.

As far as actual movements, there are often plenty of cardio classes that revolve around such workouts. Which is also why you tend to always get the guys working in the back of the class ...

In regards to rubbing of the chest. I remember reading something quite a while back, that when a girl is attracted/excited that it can result in slight swelling, but not permanently. Could be completely wrong, or a myth, but remembered learning it.
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