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My friend found something even awsomer for the tights.

JCPennies sells these type of tights and its really good also if you have the lycera tights anyway. Im thinking about buying this tights too and see how it looks on my pants. And I think I might get the 50 Dollar one anyway, just to be cheaper. I was thinking of dying the leg part of the zentai a bit green (if its all possible). That way I can decide if I want to wear the black tights with the muti fence lace over the lycra, or this tights with the dyed teal legs underneath.

The problem is I don't know how to dye the zentai lycra spandex. Is there a good and cheap way to dye the lycra and just the legs? Or should I just go with the $60 and get a teal green for the legs instead of blue?

Ive pulled out my minature diamond today and I love it. Although its not clear, I think its ok, because alot of the game art depicts the diamond as a clear white color and not really clear. Just need to add more gloss varnish and wohoo, super shiny effect. Although it has a hole on the back, oh well lol. Its still pretty shiny I promise.

Also, the head I ordered for the styrafoam, it came in today so I can use it to rest my fi hair. I think I can really use it for other things like wig making, and stuff. Endless possibilities. Even resting the Rosalina crown I have.

Also I teamed up with my friend today and finally fully cut out the patter, now its just gluing it together to see if it fits my head. Unfortunately it got crumpled, but no worries, as its just a pattern. Yep I have to trace the pattern on to the foam once it looks right. Only thing remains is transfering the paper to a newspaper so its a flat piece.

I tape the pepekura together, and out of sheer luck, the pattern actually fits my head. I only added 3 inches to the calculated thing from a tutorial. Its the first try too. This is a 3/4ths view of the result.

I think Im close to the exciting part which is getting a pattern, cutting out, gluing it together and shaping the foam with heat. YES!!!
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