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Yii, this caught my attention 'coz I just had a haircut. I've never ever had my hair long since I was born. I always keep it short. That's my trademark.
Almost every month I always have my hair cut. Today I just had a trim, but it went wrong. My hair was already bob short but it really annoys me to see my hair with uneven shape on the opposite sides (curved on the left side while fly-away on the right) so I had it trimmed for a little. But it ended up getting too short. Now my younger brother is teasing me saying that I look like either a mushroom or a jellyfish. Now, he calls me Kabufish (Kabute [Filipino, lit. mushroom] + jellyfish). Now it's more annoying than my naturally asymmetrical hair. If any Korean or Japanese girl is wearing my mushroom hairstyle it would look good, but on me it doesn't fit because my facial outline is roundish oval. It would have been better if I had my brother's sharp oval face. Bob hairstyle like that on my avatar (Satsuki Hyoudo) is the one that looks nice on me, it just suits me since I look like a kid. But if it gets shorter I'll look like an egg topped with nori. While if it gets longer I'll look like a horror movie character; long hair won't look good on me because of my wide but drowsy/sickly-looking eyes like a little similar to that of either L Lawliet or Near River.

The bottom line is, it really depends upon some factors. Although I very much favor short hair also because I hate being like the majority (long-haired girls).
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