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Originally Posted by Teelato View Post
Oh man, my friends got me into playing Touhou and I've seriously fallen in love.
I mean, I was familiar with the characters and fandom before, but THESE GAMES.
I never knew how addicting bullet hells were.

I always play as Marisa, so in to thank her for being such a great partner to me I've decided to cosplay her!
It should be pretty straightforward and easy, but I'm sorta scared to wear a blonde wig.
It's not exactly the most flattering hair color for my skin tone.
But for Marisa, I'll go for it anyway!
Oh god I know. They can be deadly to a college student though. I am trying my damnedest to resist putting them on my new computer, so that way I only play at home instead of in class. Though I'm going to have to put them back on for a panel I'm (apparently) running for my college's convention. We'll see how that works out for my grades. xD

Also, I think you'll make a cute blonde! You're skin tone has an almost golden glow to it, so it will really just glow with your skin. Also, you look good with white hair (when you cosplayed Phi, which is awesome), so it's safe to say that you'll make a great Marisa!
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