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Originally Posted by MadokaTeruTeru View Post
Thank you very much for the review as well! I've been having a hard time choosing which eBay seller to buy from. I have very paranoid trust issues XD
I wanted to try out my first cosplay, but I didn't know which store to get it from!
I'm so paranoid too haha
I'm paranoid that the wig will be bad quality, then paranoid that it will look different than the picture, then paranoid that it will look bad on me, then paranoid that my parents will think I'm crazy!!

lol that is basically what's stopping me from cosplaying all these years...LOL (and the fact that I need to get in shape AND that I'm too short to cosplay anyone anyways and that I wear glasses................................FML.)

So back on the topic at hand, thanks for the less thing to worry about xD
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