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I've had mixed experiences with F+F. A while ago I ordered my (now ex)-boyfriend this plus in red, custom made, and it fit him PERFECTLY. He loves it. The first time he ordered from them he got a jacket that never fit him properly (it was made-to-order, which was his problem).

When I ordered from them, I bought this: plus (in red) along with a gorgeous necklace with a large red zircon with pearls and metal red and silver roses, along with some nice Classic Lolita socks. Now, I originally wanted the Steampunk Cyber Industrial Gothic Lolita 3Pcs Outfit, but they were all sold out. It took a while for F+F to tell me, but we got everything sorted out. I was on a deadline, but the JSK came in about a day or so after the con ended. It wasn't a big deal for me since there were a lot of issues and it was my first con.

ANYWAY, about the JSK I ordered. I chose the smallest size (not custom), and when it came in I was horrified. It was way too long. I'm 5'1, so the skirt reached halfway between my feet and my knees. I couldn't bring ship it back because it was too late, so I'll have to ask my friend if she can help me out. Also, see the lacy white/black ruffles where the cleavage would be? It wasn't there, at all, so I'll DEFINITELY need a blouse to wear with it. The lace on the sides of the corset wasn't as depicted in the picture and feels a bit cheap. I'm really hoping I can salvage the dress.

However, the accessories I ordered are perfect.

Now I know to custom-size all of my orders. ESPECIALLY when I order that Steampunk 3Pc, since it's part of my dream outfit.
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