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By the way, I'll post some of what was said by the owner in my emails. & this really sucks because I really loved the way they made their Rinoa dusters... I did end up ordering from another place. Goddess Boutique.

Anyways here are some of the emails;
me: have you guys forgotten about me?

Them: Hi!
No, of course we have not forgotten about you!
However, in our past conversations, there was no mention of a deadline of Feb 3rd.
Your costume was sent to our shipping department about a week ago and you should be expecting it in the coming week.
~dreams" Recieved Feb. 11, 2011

Me: I still have not received my costume. It has now been almost 5 months since I ordered it. What is going on?
Sent: 4/26/11

Them: "Sorry for the delayed response. There was just a couple of personal issues I had to deal with. But yes, that is no excuse to have been delayed with you and I apologize.

I'm suprised that you have not received your costume yet. The item was sent a couple weeks ago and should have arrived by now. I will be checking up with my shipping team regarding it's whereabouts tomorrow moring. If in the event that it has been returned to us due to misdelivery, we will have it dispatched again. If it is totally missing...I can have another made and sent to you if you like. However, I am having a new batch of the material made, so it may take 2 weeks.

I will update you when I've inquired about your package's whereabouts and we will proceed once knowing that.

Sorry again"
Received: 4/26/11

That's the last I heard from them. Bunch of scammers... I sent like 4 emails after that. I've given up. really makes me sad.
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