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Originally Posted by Pliskin View Post
Now, don't get me wrong. ORC might not be for me, but I also don't get the unnatural hate machine for it either. Some people act like its the coming of the antichrist, or label it some "dudebro Cawdooty" nonsense or the like. I definitely like some of the liberties that they've taken with the game, as well as setting it during the Raccoon City Incident (I mean, c'mon Capcom, you infected an entire city, a small city, but a city nonetheless) need to make some actual use of that aspect.

That being said, control stick issue not withstanding, RE:R is shaping up to be pretty good. Odds are it'll be the first game I buy for my 3ds.
Oh, no I'm not hating OCR! I haven't even been keeping up with it to be honest. I guess I'm Just indifferent to it.
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