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Looking for a review of super pinky brand contact lenses in the bright red colour. Is the color more red or more pink? Is the design heavily pixelated? How comfortable are these lenses to wear? How translucent is the red, does it show up brightly with a good defining limbal ring around the outside?

I'm also considering dolley eye brand lenses in red and the Ruby red lenses from pinkyparadise. Info from people who own any of these three lenses would be a big help. Especially if you have some pics.

I owned red lenses in EOS New Adult brand in their red color and found them far too pixelated a design and the red wasn't bright enough to be noticed at a distance when it blended with my dark eyes. They were also a bit drying and needed drops. Like needed them or I couldn't wear them so I ended up tossing them after only a few wears.

I own vampire reds from clearly contacts and some red cat eyes, both of which are awesome but much more expensive than the circle lenses. They also don't have the black limbal ring design I'm looking for. The site is mostly out of stock when I went back looking for angelic lenses in red that do have the brightness and design I need. I'm back to considering the cheaper red circle lens options.

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