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Originally Posted by akishiko View Post
Hm, did you download the games? I really wanna start playing them but I don't know where to download them lol

Anyways, I still hope I can do Flandre this year. I was thinking of getting a short wig (To reuse as Rin from Vocaloid) and getting extensions to make the ponytail. OR I can get a wig that has 2 curly pigtails and just use one of them lol what do you think?
Yeah, I think I downloaded them from megaupload though so that won't work anymore. ;.; stupid new laws...

Hmm... I think you should go with the extension :3 it would be much easier to take care of and would probably look nicer!

I have fairly thin hair with a side part, and I'm not really sure how I'm gunna get my hair like Utsuho's? I'm gunna grow it out and redye it (it was darker before), but I'm not sure how to get my bangs like that o.o;;
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