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Homestuck - Carapacian face?

Since everyone who cosplays from Homestuck seems to do either the kids or the trolls, I decided that I would challenge myself and try SNOWMAN for this year's ColossalCon. I've got a pattern for the outfit, but the one thing I'm a bit confused about is the face.

My first thought was just to make a full-face mask of black lycra, and then paint the white eyes onto it, but not only would it be difficult to keep the eyes even with the fabric stretched over my face, the added layer of paint would probably make it impossible to see through the mask to begin with. My second thought was a lycra hood, to cover my head and hair, and then a plastic mask with white fabric behind the eye holes.

Would this be acceptable? Is SNOWMAN's face supposed to be flat black, or are features and some shininess allowed? (If I do the mask, I'll paint it with a matte black, so it looks better in photos.) Are there any other ways anyone can think of to accomplish this?

Thanks for the input!
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