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Hope this helps a little: If you are looking for natural, don't get eos new adults. the design is very pixelated up close and they are uncomfortable to wear. I had them in red and threw them out.

For natural lenses I use beaucon vibrant match brand. They are also 14 D lenses so hardly enlarge at all. They also have a 45% water content compared to only 38% in the EOS lenses which makes them way more comfortable for wearing all day. I never need eye drops to wear my vibrant match green lenses and over top of my dark eyes they look really natural.

They have a slight pattern to them and a darkening of the outer edge of the limbal ring but mostly they just provide a semi translucent ring of color tone that lets your own eye pattern show through so they look pretty normal.

My second and probably a better choice for the darker blue colour of Ciel would be the Clearly colors (comfort curve) lenses from Their blue and brazen colour is the best dark blue lens I've found that will show up on dark eyes and they are also super comfy lenses you can wear all day. I currently have them in amber ambition and violet venom, and the lighter aquatic allure. They are more expensive than the beaucon lenses and do exactly the same thing with only a slightly different pattern to the lens which is why I mention them second.

Third option is the color max lenses sold on other sites, which also have the same level of color masking although i think they are slightly larger D and definitely more expensive. I don't own any of them to compare but I've heard other cosplayers go to them regularly.

If you do want an enlarging effect for ciel for a more dolley eye look I know a lot of people have found the new princess pinky twilight lenses from pinkyparadise to give a good effect, although personally there is too much inner space around the iris showing blank on them for my liking. There are tons of larger circle lenses out there in blue if you want to keep searching.

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