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Hey guys. I am thinking of going to the Vancouver supernatural con and looking for some cosplay ideas.

I went through the outfits people have done, and it tends to be Dean/Sam/Ruby/Crowley/etc. so Demon/Angel/Human who usually appear pretty human-ish...

For me, part of what makes the show cool is all the monsters and creatures. Plus I prefer to do things nobody else has done. Was a bit disappointed with so many creatures on the show not to see anybody taking a shot at them. I have a bit of experience with SFX Makeup (ie: my Two Face or Zombie outfits), and am always wiling to learn more.

That being said, the show has an endless beastology of creatures. Any suggestions on what are the most iconic creatures, and the ones I could best pull off? I'm male, 5'8ish, normal build.

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