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MrParadox: in answer to the time question - My girlfriend and I have different styles when doing con photography, especially in the hallways. I take mostly simple pictures, aiming at capturing the person's cosplay in a decent setting. I usually get a full-body and a bust or waist-up shot. My girlfriend, on the other hand, will take time to find just the right dynamic angle to get a real artistic shot out of it. She'll also occasionally ask the person to pose a certain way, especially if they're unsure how to pose themselves. Sometimes people seem a bit awkward with this, but mostly people seem happy with the outcome either way.

Now, I have a question myself. The two of us are working on becoming better known for our con photography, notably by doing things like holding a panel where people can come and get their pictures taken in a neutral setting (aka an empty panel room). We're both using digital point-and-shoots, and we don't really have the money for any fancy lighting equipment. But I hate the look of photos with on-board flash. If I were to just get a spot-light-style lamp and aim it at the photo area, would that work as a good make-shift lighting in a decently-lit room?
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