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Just how female to make the character?

This is something I'm trying to figure out. As I've mentioned many times before, I'm doing Rainbow Dash, but none of the cast (minus a few one-off characters) are particularily femanine shaped (because they're ponies...) So, when anthropomorphasizing them (making them human-shaped, since I'm obviously human-shaped) I'm trying to figure just how femanine to make them... Specifically, Breasts and Waist...

Most human females have breasts, most drawn human females and BIG breasts... the ponies have NO breasts... (and since I'm male I'm fairly close to the no-breast department) So should I go with the accuracy of a flat-chested pony like the series portrays, or should I go with the 'expected' big-breasted pony that most of the fandom expects?

Secondly, waist, Again, the ponies have no real curves, but humans tend to. I cinch up into a nice shape (though it's less than comfortable since I have to used a steel-boned coursette) but this isn't exactly accurate to the series... So again, what should I go for, the acuracy or the expectancy?

Should I try to match the near-genderless series depiction, or go for the 'shapely human female' that most people expect?
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