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@ Buni:
The idea of dash latemnting at all over her chest not being as big strikes me as humerous (discounting if Soarin liked large-chested mares) And I have to wear *something* around my waist due to a curved spine making my gut project (even though I'm on the low-end of average for my height) I may just go with a cloth cincher which will flatted it out but not add much of a 'hip' effect.

The only reason I'm seriously looking at the breasts and hips it to make it clear I'm doing the original (female) Dash, not a genderswap (which would actually be 'Rainbow Blitz') I get the feeling if I went in there with a mostly-male body people woult be, at the least, confused (or riffing on me for it) and at worst either find it creepy (femaleish face on male body) or assume it's Blitz... (I've had at least 1 person tell me that just by doing it this way I'm walking dangerously close to the uncanny valley since it's a mince of human and pony without fully being either)
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