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Problem is, different light sources don't mix well.
So adding your own light to a somewhat well lit place is actually worse than just having your own light, because color temperature generally won't be the same. Typically, fluorescent lights and daylight don't mix well ; since flashes mimic daylight, if you want to use them under fluorescent lights you have two choices :
- either use flashes at high power in order to overpower existing fluorescent lights
- or gel flashes in order to match fluorescent lights in color temperature.

Before buying lights however, I would buy a real camera (as in, a DSLR).

Originally Posted by MrParadox View Post
To fellow photographers, how long does it take for you to adjust to the right angle before taking the picture? One thing I'm afraid of is wasting too much time on getting the right pose for the cosplayer as well as the background before they get upset.
Cosplayers will only lose patience if you stop communicating. If a pose is comfortable enough, if you keep speaking while shooting, make them change expression or correct their pose, they'll be okay. Most cosplayers I've met are very patient in order to get good pictures of their costume.

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