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Originally Posted by ArmoredHeart View Post
I'll try! c: Though I haven't decided which days I'll be doing certain cosplays yet, actually. I know I'll have to be Chococat on whatever day my Sanrio group wears their cosplays, and I'll most likely be debuting Tsubasa!Sakura that weekend as well. But even if I don't get to wear Miku the day of the lunch meet, we can still hang out for a bit or something when I do wear it. :3
Fair enough. : D We haven't decided what day the meet will be on as well. I'm not sure what I'll be wearing what day either. The rest of my Fairy Tail group are doing their Fairy Tail costumes as their only costumes for the weekend, but I have 3 outfits/costumes to choose between, so I have to weigh matching them or wearing something new. I might just go to the con in the morning dressed one way and then change costumes when we go back to my apartment for dinner and spend the rest of the night in a different costume.

Also, my friend will be so excited to see Sakura cosplay. That's her favorite character of all time.
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