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Leather stamping? Anyone have experience?

Hello all!

I am in the process of losing weight, and would really like to do a Batman: Arkham City Catwoman cosplay: seen here! My problem is the hexagonal/honey comb pattern on most of her outfit (which you can see really well on her one glove?. I'm not sure how to go about replicating that. I would LOVE to do leather stamping (as her outfit comes of as leather and not pleather/shiny vinyl), but I don't have any experience. I know I would have to have a custom stamp made, which I'm fine with. I'm thinking it would only have to be between 1-2 inches wide. And it would be very tedious, but in my opinion worth it!

So, now my question would be, do you think this is possible? I'm thinking I would want a softer/thinner leather, to give the costume more flexibility. Would a soft leather work for this?

I suppose if leather stamping didn't work out, I could see about doing the pattern on an Embroidery machine. The thing is, the only access I have to one is my mom's and it can't do super large areas, so I'm thinking that could present a problem for me. I would also have use a trial or purchase a program that converts images into the proper format for embroidery machines. I could also do hand painting/stamping, but I would think that the paint could wear off as it would be on leather, and not a more absorbent fabric.

So what say you guys?! Thanks in advance for all your help!
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