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Commissioner Name: Joymason Profile:

Item Commissioned: Vanille's (Final Fantasy 13) weapon Heavenly Axis!

Links to Pictures of item: (located on her blog) and
(these two pictures were taken by Joy herself, but trust me, the weapon looks just as beautiful in person!)

Experience: Joy was just amazing! I emailed her about this piece in early December, stating I needed a rush commission for this weapon for a convention at the end of January. She gladly accepted and we worked out a deal based on my available budget. She even asked for my own input for how I would like it constructed. She started working right away and provided PLENTY of progress pictures on a weekly basis and her average time to reply to my emails was one day! I love these qualities in a commissioner as I get very anxious when waiting for my items to be finished, and answering my questions in a timely fashion as well as providing progress pictures really helps calm me down! Even though the weapon was almost not finished on time, Joy paid OUT OF HER OWN POCKET to ship the weapon to the convention hotel overnight! I received the weapon at the con and my breath was taken away the moment I opened the package. It was hard to believe this beautiful piece of work was a rush commission! You could never guess! It folded in half just like Vanilles and the antlers were removable for easy storage.

The only con was not being able to claim that I made this weapon myself! Hahaha! Heavenly Axis was a big hit at the con and photographed beautifully.

Joy, thank you so much for you continued patience. You are such a delight to work with and I will definitely be back!

Final Grade:

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Next Con: Colossalcon 2015!!

In Progress Costumes

Goddess Purple Heart (Hyperdimention Neptunia)- 90%
Poison Ivy (Batman)- 95%
Wonder Woman -80%
Mileena (Mortal Kombat X) - 0%
Ryuko (Senketsu Transformation version) (Kill La Kill) - 20%
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