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Originally Posted by moonflower. View Post
haha that coat is on my "if i'm ever rich" list XD the cosplaysky replica looks pretty good though, and it's under 200.
It does, and I'm half tempted to buy it. At the same time, I think it fits the model/mannequin really bulky around the shoulders, and I'm afraid to spend that much money on something that fits awkwardly. You never know with the made-to-order stuff.

Welcome to the thread, Magifox!

EDIT: I found a coat! It's the most charming black and grey wool tweed. I'm going to have to add/replace 6 buttons and buttonholes (and make them red) and vent the back so it's more flow-y but it works! One day I plan on making the coat out of a black and grey houndstooth suiting, but alas, that will be summer project.

If you haven't seen it yet, someone replicated (and I mean REPLICATED) the coat on Deviantart!
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