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Originally Posted by harmonyisarine View Post
Tooling leather is a different weight and tan process than garment leather. You could try to stamp it, and it may even take the impression initially, but it won't be by very much and it will probably fade out pretty quickly (the impressions in the leather can raise over time; not a problem on tooling leather, since it's very thick and the stamps are deep). In short, as awesome as it'd be, it probably won't work. ;_; Don't take just my word, my dad's been doing this since before I was born (and I'm heading into grad school), and a friend recently asked the same thing, and got the same answer.

If you're getting the leather for the suit regardless, and you have a friend with stamping supplies, it can't hurt just to try on a scrap of leather or an inconspicuous location on the suit. Don't get your hopes up, but it's a good way to tell for sure.
This exactly this.

My gut is that those parts are not leather but some synthetic. The leg parts specifically. That just doesn't LOOK like leather to me. The honey comb parts don't look like leather to me either but some sort of fabric with some stretch to it.
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