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I doubt I could find a fabric, of any kind, with this exact or similar pattern. Specially a lot of it, for a decent price. That's why I was asking about leather stamping on thinner leather, but I'd eagerly consider other options as I just don't think I could find that fabric. I'm thinking its leather or something similar, and not a vinyl, or at least a REALLY shinny material. Her outfit is not shinny at all, unlike in the Batman Returns Catwoman with Michelle Pfeiffer. Here's more examples of her outfit: This, and this.

My other problem is, that I've become a short of "perfectionist" when it comes to cosplaying. I don't like making things anymore and saying, "Well, that's close enough." I want it to be as close to accurate as possible. So the fabric type, color, and detail have to be pretty spot on.

But I'm liking Rairi's idea of 3D paint (thanks!). The pattern does have to have some kind of raised effect to it. I may get some and try on fabric swatches. The only problem will be getting the pattern consistent throughout the fabric. But I'm stubborn enough to make it work!

And thanks harmonyisarine and ScribblesITM! Again, I'm obviously not experienced with leather work, so I appreciate your opinions on the matter.
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