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Smile Here's me! :)

Weight/Size: size 6-8 in US sizes and a 10-12 in UK. I don't know about my actual weight in lbs...
Height: 5'6"ish
Skin: Semi tanned...
Eyes: Very dark brown, black really.
Hair: VERY THICK long brown hair
Eyesight: At cosplays I wear contacts if needed, which is basically always But I have glasses too!
Wigs: Yes, but my hair is pretty thick so it can be styled pretty easily.
Crossplay: If the idea is good enough!
Revealing: Nothing too bad, but I'm up for almost everything

I also have good sewing skills (I study fashion).

Okay, so I'm really hoping to cosplay Princess Jasmine (Disney) this year and also Princess Agitha from Legend of Zelda TP, does anyone else have any other ideas? Ideas are greatly appreciated, thankyou very much everyone! ^_^
Future Cosplays!~

Luna Lovegood (HP) 100%
Princess Jasmine (Disney) 50%
Princess Agitha (LoZ) 0%
Princess Rapunzel (Disney) 0%

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