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Red Rover Send Cosplayers Over~

Well, technically it should be, "Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Cosplayer Right Over!" (Unnecessary capitalization for the... fail).

Anyway, if anyone is interested there will be a little gathering of children's game (no, not children's card games you Abridged fans) on Saturday at 4pm. Unless it is raining, in which case it will be forced into cancellation as we are not allowed to run inside the con. If it isn't raining or TOO muddy we will probably be playing Red Rover, Duck-Duck-Goose, Simon Says, or anything else your inner child desires.

It will transpire in that large grassy area out front where most photoshoots take place (Example).

I will bring cookies and be cosplaying Mimi from Digimon Adventure 01. If you see me around, I will probably be referring to it as "Pink Rover" because I'm lame that way. :'D
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